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Exploiting the synergy in oncology

At BS Biotechna, our driving motto is “Synergy to create hope”. We believe the new synergy of molecules encapsulated in nanocarriers can bring great hope for cancer patients. Our interdisciplinary team of scientists collaborate to explore new drug combinations and unveil novel mechanisms of efficacy. We believe that by unlocking synergistic combinations, we can enhance treatment effectiveness, reduce side effects, and improve the quality of life for patients.
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At BS Biotechna, we are driving the innovative cancer treatment development by unleashing the power of small interfering RNA (siRNA). Our strategy is based on silencing the clinically relevant targets that have traditionally been considered “undruggable” due to their structural characteristics (e.g. lack of well-defined binding pockets). Our siRNA technology enables us to target these factors through the silencing of specific genes at the post-transcriptional level, offering a solution to the obstacles encountered by current oncological drugs.
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Cutting-edge drug
delivery systems

BS Biotechna pioneers cutting-edge drug delivery systems. Central to our core technology is the ability to design and nano-manufacture drug delivery systems capable of transporting two different molecules with varying physiochemical properties and mechanisms of action, all aimed at achieving synergistic therapeutic benefits in cancer treatment. This dual-drug delivery approach enhances the precision and efficacy of cancer therapies, addressing the complexities of tumor heterogeneity.

Our other systems demonstrate proficiency in preserving and stabilizing therapeutic nucleic acids during room temperature storage and in the bloodstream, paving the way for successful delivery of gene-based therapies. Moreover, these nanoparticles can be further modified with targeting ligands, improving accuracy of delivery directly to the tumor cells.

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