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Project title: Design and development of nanoparticle-RNA based drugs to be used in anti-cancer therapy with the construction of a nanoparticle platform for targeted delivery of therapeutic nucleic acids

Contract No: 2022/ABM/06/00005 – 00

The aim of the Project is to develop an innovative, targeted medicinal product for the treatment of cancer, based on nucleic acids, and to advance it to Phase I first-in-human clinical trials.

The main advantage of the Project is the delivery platform developed by BS Biotechna, which has been confirmed in internal studies as an efficient method for stabilizing and delivering functional nucleic acids. The final construct will also possess unique chemical molecules that will provide additional or synergistic value to the product.

In accordance with the above, BS Biotechna plans to develop a breakthrough, multi-directional, nanoscale medicinal product with nucleic acid integration (name: WA2021) for targeted gene therapy for patients with solid tumors according to the tumor-agnostic principle. The drug will be developed in preclinical stages until Phase I clinical trials, where its safety in human use will be evaluated. The drug’s innovation is defined by the following aspects related to its composition:

1. A proprietary DDS nanoparticle serving as a carrier for the therapeutic process in the form of nucleic acids and small molecules.
2. Therapeutic nucleic acid aimed at blocking oncogenes that have not been explored in clinical practice.
3. Auxiliary therapeutic molecules designed to interact synergistically or complement the action of the molecules.

The Project has been co-financed from the state budget as part of the Competition for developing targeted or personalized medicine based on nucleic acid-based medicinal products and small molecules (ABM/2022/6).

Project Value: PLN 40,131,696.08
Co-Financing Value: PLN 32,101,118.29


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