Request for quotation 53/2024 from 11.07.2024 [ active till 18.07.2024]

bsbiotechna offer

In connection with the implementation of the project titled “Design and development of nanoparticle-RNA based drugs to be used in anti-cancer therapy with the construction of a nanoparticle platform for targeted delivery of therapeutic nucleic acids” by BS Biotechna SA, under contract no 2022/ABM/06/00005-00 for co-financing of a commercial project as part of the Development Competition targeted or personalized medicine based on acid-based medicinal products nucleic acid and small molecule compounds. The Ordering Party conducts market research regarding costs of purchasing X-ray films and developer and fixer for X-ray images.

In order to submit an offer, please read the detailed content of the advertisement included in the “service description” and send the completed offer form.

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